SOPs and Protocols

Strain Database



We are incredibly grateful to our collaborators locally and across the globe, including:

  • Dr. David Williams and Dr. Mike Kruppa (East TN State University)
  • Dr. Jim Cassat (Vanderbilt)
  • Dr. Paul Fidel (LSU Health)
  • Dr. Fran Barrera and Dr. Todd Reynolds (UTK)
  • Dr. Glen Palmer, Dr. Jarrod Fortwendel, Dr. Camaron Hole (UTHSC)
  • Dr. Kirk Hevener (UTHSC)
  • Dr. Jeremy Stultz (UTHSC) and Dr. Gustavo Alvria-Arill (MUSC)
  • Dr. Joe Pierre and Dr. Vanessa Leone (Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Dr. Gene Chang (Univ. Chicago)
  • The medical mycology community at large…
Funding Sources

Our work has been generously supported by:

  • National Institutes of Health (NIAID, NIDDK)
  • First Tennessee Chair Center of Excellence in Clinical Pharmacy
  • Center for Pediatric Experimental Therapeutics
  • College of Pharmacy Dean’s Enhancement Awards
  • UTHSC New Grant Support Awards